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Dutch Choreographer Arno Schuitemaker Mesmerizes The Audience With “If You Could See Me Now”

- Selasa, 16 Agustus 2022 | 19:07 WIB

Indonesiadaily.co.id- Dutch contemporary choreographer Arno Schuitemaker presented the “If You Could See Me Now” dance performance in Indonesia this August.

He created the choreography against the backdrop of a rapidly changing reality. Seemingly casual, the movements of the three performers reshape a chilled-out club dance into a mesmerizing wave-like motion.

In his choreography, Arno Schuitemaker interrogates ‘how to deal with things when they are taking another turn?’ How can we shift and realign our focus? From ecstasy to turmoil, “If You Could See Me Now”creates something new: liberation.

Arno Schuitemaker is one of the most exciting artists of his generation in the Netherlands. He strongly focuses on the perception-based relationship between the audience and performers.

His immersive performances have been presented at renowned venues and contemporary performing arts festivals in over 25 countries. “We waited a while for it because of the pandemic, but we are thrilled to be in Indonesia.

It is a great honor to present my performance If You Could See Me Now here and especially at the Erasmus Huis.

We have traveled all over Europe with this performance since it was created at the end of 2017, and I am looking forward to sharing my work with the Indonesian public for the first time,” said Arno Schuitemaker.

In Indonesia, the dance will have its debut performance at the Erasmus Huis Jakarta on August 16, 2022. After Jakarta, the dance company will travel for their next performances in Jambi on August 19, 2022 and Makassar on August 23, 2022.

Erasmus Huis Director Yolande Melsert expressed her excitement in presenting If You Could See Me Now to the Indonesian audience: “Arno Schuitemaker, with his beautiful and very specific dance vocabulary, was on my list for quite a while.


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